Shared Web Hosting

Are you searching for web hosting for your website? If you are you may be wondering, “what is shared web hosting anyway?” You can think of shared hosting as “sharing” a server. Your website will be hosted on a server along with many other websites.

Most individuals and small to medium sized businesses use shared hosting services to host their websites. It is the least expensive way to host a website. Anyone can host a website by purchasing a shared hosting package. You do not need any special technical experience or knowledge. The web host provider will maintain and manage the server and all other hosting equipment.

In most cases, shared hosting companies provide their customers with easy to use control panels. This helps all customers to be able to easily perform tasks including: setting up and accessing web mail, parking extra domains, updating files and graphics on their website, tracking website statistics, etc. If you have any questions about perform any tasks, you can contact your web-hosting provider.

Shared hosting is an excellent offer for beginner webmasters. In fact, not only are most control panels easy to use, but also many shared hosting plans include site builders. Anyone can create a site in minutes using these site builders and their templates. You do not need any html experience to create a great looking page.

If you have a personal website or even a small to medium sized website, in most cases shared hosting will work well for you. There are many hosting options available. Most companies offer generous bandwidth and disk space. They also offer many hosting features and applications; all at an affordable price.

There are some reasons as to why you may wish to consider dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting is when you “lease” your own server. There will not be any other websites hosted with your own. You will also have administrative control over your hosting plan, as well as a variety of software and applications available. If you have a website that has an extremely high volume of traffic, or many large databases and applications you may need dedicated hosting.

So why not choose dedicated hosting in the first place? It does give you complete control over your hosting experience. Dedicated hosting provides you with all the bandwidth and disk space available on one server, for your use. Quite simply, dedicated hosting is very expensive and if you do not purchase managed dedicated hosting, which is even more costly, you will be in charge of maintaining the server and equipment. Unless you have a a great deal of technical knowledge or a staff that does, this can create big problems.

For most websites, shared hosting options provide more than enough of what you need. You can find packages with more bandwidth and disk space, than you will ever use. There are many feature and application options available to you. Shared hosting is an easy and affordable way to get your website online for the world to see.

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